Ask About These Procedures If You'Re Concerned About The Look Of A Deceased Loved One

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Should you be planning the funeral service of a family member who has passed away and you've decided to have an open casket, you need to give some thought to the appearance of the person. While some people shy away from open casket funerals depending on how the person looks, other families feel that an open casket is a necessary element for purposes of closure. Unfortunately, depending on the circumstances around the person's death, he or she may not have a pleasant appearance. While funeral staff will use makeup to help the person look his or her best, you shouldn't hesitate to ask about these other procedures.

Hair Dye

Many people dye their hair but stop doing so when they're ill. For example, if your elderly parent dyed his or her hair but didn't do so during a hospital stay that preceded his or her death, you may want to talk to the funeral home about dying your loved one's hair. This process can give your parent more of an appearance that people are used to, as well as offer a certain degree of dignity that your parent may have appreciated.

Skin Dye

Dying the skin is something that many funeral directors do when cosmetics aren't enough. For example, if the person suffered from a high degree of jaundice prior to passing away, his or her skin will be very yellow. It can be upsetting for people to see the person lying in the casket with such a hue, and adding layer upon layer of cosmetic products may not achieve a look that is natural. Funeral home staff can use dye to give the skin more of a realistic look, which may be better for everyone who stops in front of the open casket at the funeral.


A man who shaved his face daily while healthy may no longer do so in the days or weeks prior to his death. This may mean that by the time the person has passed away, he has a significant amount of stubble on his face. Make sure that you specify to the funeral home that you'd like your family member's face shaved; the funeral home attendants won't automatically assume this, so it's important that you discuss it. By going over these three procedures, you can be confident that your loved one will look as natural as possible during the open casket funeral service.

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