How To Cover The Expense Of A Funeral

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Most of the time, the need for funeral money is not something that people are prepared for, especially if the deceased did not have a life insurance policy to assist with those costs. This can leave the family who is already in mourning, dealing with the financial stress and obligation that comes with putting a funeral together. To help ease the financial burden a little, you will want to consider using some or all of the following tips:

Skip Out On The Things That Can Wait

While having a headstone right away is a nice thing, it is not a necessity. Even if the cemetery where your loved one will be buried has rules in place for every plot needing a stone, you usually have a little bit of time to get it put on. If you are still struggling when it comes to that time, you can look at the cheaper small headstones and always upgrade to something more lavish later on when the funds are available.

Shorten The Scheduled Viewing Time

You do not have to reserve one of the viewing rooms for a full two days. Instead, you might want to have it for a single day and possibly even just one viewing time during the evening. This will allow time for anyone that wants to pay their respects to do so. If you are worried about friends or relatives that are traveling to come to the viewing, you can always ask the funeral home director if you can wait a couple of extra days before having the funeral in order to allow enough time for everyone to arrive.

Buy The Casket Through The Manufacturer

Many manufacturers are now allowing the option for people to buy caskets directly through them, instead of through a third party such as a funeral home. You may find that you can save a substantial amount of money doing it this way. You might even be able to afford the slightly more extravagant casket that you know you could not otherwise afford. Stick with the plain casket, and you can save even more money if you are on a really tight budget.

If you would like to know if there is anything else that can be done to curb the cost a little, you will want to speak with the funeral director like those at Maurice Moore Memorials. He or she has likely helped many families figure out how they can plan an affordable funeral.