Simple Ways To Use A Memorial Website To Enhance A Funeral Service

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When you are planning the funeral service for a loved one, you may want to spend endless hours make sure everything is perfect. All that effort can sometimes seem like it's just for one service, but the truth is that a funeral is much more than a few hours of your life when loved ones gather to remember a life well lived. A funeral service is your last chance to show your love and respect in a formal way for the person you are sure to remember for the rest of your life, and a memorial website can enhance nearly every part of the funeral.

A Memorial Website Can Provide an Easy Way for People to Donate

If you are asking for charity donations in memory of your loved one in lieu of flowers or other sympathy gifts, having a memorial website simplifies this request. You can dedicate a page to explaining why you chose that charity and what its significance was for your loved one. You can then offer options for people to donate. If you are asking people to donate to an educational fund for the person's children, you can make a similar page with all the necessary information. It can save a lot of explanations and frustration at the funeral itself to be able to point people to the website.

A Memorial Website Can Offer an Extra Component to the Funeral

You may opt to place the website address for the memorial site on the funeral program or on cards that you hand out to everyone who attends the funeral. When providing the website address, you may let fellow mourners that they can go to the website to read more about the person and see additional photos and videos. You may also point them to a news page on the site where further memorial events may be held. You may also offer a place where people can add their own memories to the website.

A Memorial Website Can Provide Archived Footage from the Funeral

A memorial website can host many videos of your loved one. You may choose to place childhood home movies and wedding videos on someone's memorial service website. Having footage from the funeral can help people feel included even if they discover that the person died weeks, months, or years after the memorial service took place.

Finally, a memorial website can provide an enduring celebrating of your loved one's life. It can document the funeral as well as the important moments of the person's life. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you want, and you can slowly add to it over time. A memorial website can enhance the funeral and continue to serve as a way to honor the person's memory for many years to come. For more information, contact companies like Shepherd Funeral Home.