Cremation Keepsake Gifts: Four Options To Consider

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If your loved one has chosen cremation for his or her final disposition, you may be wondering what your options are for caring for the cremains. There are any memorial keepsake gifts you can create with the cremains, which can be given to close family members as a way to keep your loved one with them. Here are a few ideas you can use to honor your loved one's memory.

Cremation Keepsake Jewelry

Cremation keepsake jewelry typically contains a small vessel inside, which holds a tiny portion of cremains. This offers a wonderful way to keep your loved one physically and spiritually with you at all times. You can select jewelry made from sterling silver or gold, and there are many different styles to choose from. You can also have a diamond made from the cremains, which can be incorporated into virtually any type of jewelry.

Teddy Bear Urns

Teddy bear urns look like traditional teddy bears, but they have a hidden compartment to hold a portion of your loved one's cremains. The bears can be customized with T-shirts that feature a small quote or the name of your loved one. They can be a comfort to children who have lost a parent or to parents who have lost a child.

Cremation Pencils

You can have your loved one's cremains converted into pencils, which can be used in the same way that traditional pencils are used. This option can be a touching way to pay tribute to a loved one who was a writer, teacher, or scientist. You can keep the entire set of pencils, or you can portion them out to your closest relatives so they can all have a small token to remember your relative by.

Memorial Tree Urns

Instead of simply planting a tree in your loved one's honor, you can plant a tree with a living urn. These urns are created with tree seeds and cremains, so your relative is forever part of the tree. Plant the tree in your back yard, or work with your funeral home director to plant the tree in a place your loved one visited often. This living memorial offers an eco-friendly burial option while giving you a place you can always visit to pay your respects. Be sure to discuss the available options with your loved ones so everyone can agree on the final disposition of the cremains. A funeral home director from a funeral home like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp. can help you to order any memorial keepsakes you want for yourself or your family members.