Don't Know A Pianist? These Instruments Can Be Beautifully Played At A Funeral

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When you're putting together the details for a loved one's funeral and the topic turns to music, you'll need to make some important decisions. While playing a hymn or special song off a CD or MP3 file can be nice, having a family member actually play an instrument in person can add a special element to the service. You may find that your funeral home is equipped with a piano for this purpose, but if you don't know someone who can adequately play this instrument, don't give up on your hope of live music just yet. There are a handful of other instruments that can add a special touch to your loved one's funeral.

Classical Guitar

The soft sounds of a classical guitar can be a valuable addition to the funeral service. Classical guitar is a better choice than a steel-stringed acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, as they tend to be a little twangy and jarring. Because the classical guitar is played with the fingers, rather than with a plastic pick, the result is a gentle tune that lends itself well to funerals. If there's a guitar player in your family or circle of close friends, he or she can play a suitable hymn or song partway through the service.


If a violin player in your family would feel confident playing a hymn or song at your family member's funeral, it will likely be a special and emotional moment for the family and for those in attendance. While a violin can be the perfect instrument for an upbeat tune, it can also be solemn and appropriate for a funeral service. If there are two violinists — perhaps a pair of adolescent siblings who are taking lessons together — you may wish to see if they'd be comfortable performing a duet at the service.


The sound of bagpipes being played can quickly conjure up solemn thoughts for some people, making this a perfect instrument to have someone play at the funeral. However, it's important to respect that the bagpipes are extremely loud, and it may be difficult for the musician to play them at a volume that is suitable indoors. If you've decided to have the funeral service outside the funeral home — many homes will have an outdoor area for this purpose — bagpipes are appropriate. Failing the availability of an outdoor space for the service, you may wish to ask the musician to play at the graveside.

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