Planning Your Estate? Two Reasons Why Cremation Is The Right Choice For You

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Planning your estate is a very responsible, caring activity.  You get the chance to determine who your beneficiaries will be so that the ones that matter most to you will be able to inherit the things that you've worked so hard to build.  Another very important part of estate planning involves determining if you will be buried or cremated.  While you may think that traditional burial is the way to go, it may be a better idea to opt for cremation.  Use this information to learn more about why you should list cremation as your preferred choice when preparing your estate.

Cremation Is The Affordable Choice

One of the main reasons why you should choose cremation is because it is affordable.  Just think of how much more money you'll be able to leave behind for those you care about when you select cremation as the way that you want your remains to be handled.

Understand that a funeral can be a very expensive proposition.  You'll have to allot money for a casket, a grave marker, the embalming process, and even the transport of the body from the funeral home, to the church and finally to the graveyard.  These expenses can quickly add up and take up a significant portion of the money that you truly want to give to the people or causes that are most important to you.

That's why it's such a good idea for you to opt for cremation.  Not only is cremation affordable, but you can even decide to have a direct cremation.  Direct cremation describes a process whereby the body is cremated much more quickly than normal.  Those you leave behind can still meet at a family member or friend's house for a service that celebrates your life.  You'll just have conserved much more of your money.

Cremation Is Environmentally-Friendly

Another reason why you should choose cremation is because it is very environmentally-friendly.  Just think of how much of a toll it must take on the environment when the embalming chemicals find their way into the soil.  This could not only affect wildlife but could end up eventually making its way into the drinking water supply.  You can avoid this by opting for a cremation.

Choosing cremation could turn out to be an incredibly wise decision.  Don't wait; meet with your estate planner so you can list cremation as your preferred option as soon as possible.