Why Is Cremation a Good Idea?

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Cremation is becoming a popular option for burial. It has many benefits compared to a regular burial; here are some of the best reasons to consider cremation.

It's Simple

For one thing, getting cremation completed is a simple process on your end. When you arrange for cremation, the facility can arrange transportation, complete the process, and then return the ashes to you in whatever format you choose (for example, in an urn of your choice). When you don't have to deal with the logistics of this part, you can focus on creating a wonderful ceremony to remember your loved one by. 

There Are Few Necessary Expenses

With cremation, you can cut out many of the expenses that naturally come with a casket burial. The casket may be the most expensive part of burial, and you don't need to buy one when you do cremation. Of course, you still can, and some families choose to get a casket because it's more traditional. You can still bury cremated ashes in a cemetery plot too, or you can cut out this expense by displaying your urn at home or burying it in your backyard. The costs of embalming and preparing the body for an open casket viewing are two more expenses that you can cross off of your list if you opt for cremation.

You Have More Leeway to Personalize Burial

Scatter at sea, home burial, and cremated ashes jewelry are some of the unique trends that you can participate in if you decide to cremate your loved one instead of using traditional burial. You also have more flexibility in size if you choose to use a mausoleum to commemorate your loved one with an artful structure.

There Are Environmentally Friendly Options

Finally, if you choose carefully, there are options for making cremation more environmentally friendly. One way is to consider liquid chemical cremation instead of flame cremation; this process uses chemicals to dissolve the remains rather than incinerating them to produce ashes.

Even if you do get flame cremation, you could do something eco-friendly with the ashes. One option would be to get a specialized urn that uses the ashes as food for a seedling; one day, your loved one's ashes will grow into a big, beautiful tree. When you consider the waste involved in buying a casket to be buried, creating the chemicals for embalming, and the transportation costs for a cemetery burial, you're saving a lot of environmental costs by opting for cremation and having your loved one's ashes produce good for the world.

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