Choosing Cremation For A Loved One: What Are Your Options For A Casket?

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Whether you are planning to have a viewing for your loved one before cremation or you simply want to make sure your dearly departed has a beautiful casket for the cremation process, you have several options to choose from for a cremation casket. Work with your funeral home director to find out what is available, and use this guide to help select the right option for your loved one.

Casket Rental

Casket rental offers a wonderful way to treasure your loved one's memory at the wake and funeral service. Your funeral home may have several rental models to choose from, so you can select the one that best represents your relative's wishes and unique personality. The rental caskets come with removable liners, ensuring that your loved one won't be placed on a surface that anyone else has already used. Casket rental can also be a good option if you can't afford a more expensive casket for burial but want to have a beautiful option for the wake and funeral services.

Fiber Wood Caskets

Fiber wood caskets are designed to look like any other casket, but they can be placed in the crematorium during the cremation process. This option is ideal if you want to ensure your loved one is given a beautiful send-off. Talk to your funeral home director about the different options available in fiber wood. You may be able to select from ornate designs and rich finishes that offer the look you want in the cremation-safe design you need.

Cloth-Covered Cardboard

Cardboard caskets are typically used during any cremation unless a family has purchased an upgraded cremation casket. Cloth-covered cardboard caskets combine the affordability and cremation-safe design of cardboard along with the look of a beautiful casket. The cloth coverings come in a wide range of colors, so you can select the right option for your loved one. They can also be purchased with crepe liners similar to the liners you find on burial caskets, which can give the viewing and funeral the traditional look you may be hoping for. Like fiber wood caskets, the cloth-covered cardboard can go into the crematorium, so your loved one will be enveloped in luxury at every step of the funeral and cremation process.

Your funeral home director may have other options or ideas to help you select the right option for your loved one's funeral and cremation. Be sure to discuss your relative's final wishes with the funeral home director and talk to your family before making a final decision. With a bit of careful consideration, you can select the right option to honor your loved one and keep your family satisfied with the arrangements. For more information, contact a crematorium like Delaware Valley Cremation Center.